Looking for Wellness Solutions & a Healthier Bottom Line?

Corporate Wellness is a Win-Win
For Your Company & For Your Employees

Did You Know?

  • The healthiest Australian employees are almost 3 times more productive than their unhealthy colleagues.*
  • Employees with a poor overall health status are 9 times more likely to have sick days, compared to healthy employees.*
  • Absenteeism is costing employers on average $3,608 per worker per annum. The median was 9 days per employee per annum.@
  •  Absenteeism costs approximately $528 per employee per absent day.^
  • The direct costs of absenteeism to the full-time workforce alone amounts to approximately $24 billion per year across the economy.^
  • Where an organisation does not manage health and wellbeing well, it is 4 times more likely to lose talent in the next 12 months.&

* Medibank Private Study into the Health of Australia’s Workforce November 2005.
# Health Services Australia – Managing Absenteeism Report, November 2002.
@ Direct  Health Solutions 2016 Absence Management and Wellbeing Survey Report.
^ Australian Industry Group – Absenteeism & Presenteeism Survey 2012.
& Right Management (2009), Wellness and Productivity Management: A New Approach to Increasing Performance, 15 July 2011.

Your Employees are Your Greatest Asset

Key to the success of your organisation are your employees. That’s why investing in their wellness is so important.

Employees who practise self-care eat well, sleep well, exercise regularly and have hobbies and interests that both energise and relax them. Happy and healthy employees bring their best selves to work every day. The result? A happy, calm, focused and engaged workplace.

A workplace where your employees:

  • are full of energy, vitality and enthusiasm, and are more productive
  • are creative and brimming with new and exciting ideas
  • are motivated and loyal to your organisation
  • enjoy happy and harmonious interpersonal relationships with their colleagues, customers and clients.

The Benefits of Happier & Healthier Employees:

Your Employees:

Will be empowered to take charge of their wellbeing.

Will enjoy more harmonious relationships with colleagues, clients
and customers.

Will be more focused, engaged and motivated.

Will enjoy working at an organisation that believes in and actively
promotes health and wellbeing.

Your Organisation:

Will be more productive and profitable.

Will have reduced absenteeism and sick leave costs.

Will attract and retain the best employees.

Will have an enhanced company image, and be an Employer of Choice.

Our Services

Wellness Lunch & Learns

Wellness Lunch and Learns are conveniently held during the lunch hour at your office. You provide the sandwiches and drinks, we’ll provide the food for thought and inspiration!

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Wellness Training Workshops

All the Empowered2Thrive Wellness training sessions are interactive, inspirational and informative. Fostering great habits is the secret of success in any field of endeavour, including Wellness.

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Wellness Speaking

Empowered2Thrive can design and present a customised Wellness Presentation for any occasion. We can tailor a presentation specifically designed for your organisation’s Wellness needs.

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Wellness Coaching

Empowered2Thrive Wellness Coaching is perfect for people who want to fast-track their wellbeing as part of comprehensive, tailored Well-being Program that educates and empowers them to take charge of their total wellbeing.

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Empowered2Thrive is a Melbourne based business that specialises in Corporate Wellness Lunch and Learns, Training, Speaking and Coaching.

We Make Wellness Easy

Our goal is to get your employees excited to take charge of their wellbeing and to empower them to thrive.

All our wellness services are fun, practical and interactive, with do-able tips and techniques for achieving total wellbeing, happiness and life balance.

Our training is guaranteed to make a profound difference to each and every person’s wellbeing. And to your bottom line.

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