Our Vision

To help create healthier, happier and more productive employees, a healthier work culture and a healthier bottom line.

Our Mission

To inspire your employees to take charge of their total wellbeing, encompassing the mind, the body and the spirit – for a life of balance, vibrant health and happiness.

Our Wellness Offerings

Our corporate wellness services cover the whole gamut of motivational Wellness training. It could be simple strategies to create more life-balance. It could be techniques to be more resilient to stress, and challenges at work and in life in general. Or it could be easy and creative ways to find time in a busy schedule to exercise more, sleep more and find more time just for themselves.

We inspire and inform people to take charge of their wellbeing via:

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Empowered2Thrive - Susan Weser - About

About Susan Weser

Susan Weser is a wellness trainer, speaker and coach.

She holds a Bachelor of Science, Graduate Diploma in Computing, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and a Certificate IV in Food Coaching.

Susan is passionate about helping organisations be more productive and profitable by focusing on the health, wellbeing, happiness and productivity of their employees.

These days, so many people are just surviving, rather than thriving, living lives that are unbalanced, stressed out and sleep-deprived.

Susan loves to inspire and empower people to practise self-care and to be their most motivated and unstoppable selves!

Her workshops and presentations run the whole gamut of wellness and productivity – whether it’s creating great eating and exercise habits, overcoming distraction and procrastination, creating morning routines, implementing easy techniques to manage stress and have more energy, or sleep-smart strategies to wake up refreshed and recharged every day.