Our Vision

To help create healthier and happier employees, a healthier work culture and a healthier bottom line.

Our Mission

To inspire your employees to take charge of their total wellbeing, encompassing the mind, the body and the spirit – for a life of balance, vibrant health and happiness.

Our Wellness Offerings

Our corporate wellness services cover the whole gamut of motivational wellness training. It could be simple strategies to create more life-balance. It could be techniques to be more resilient to stress and challenges at work and in life in general. Or it could be easy and creative ways to find time in a busy schedule to exercise more, sleep more and have more me-time.

We inspire and inform people to take charge of their wellbeing via:

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Empowered2Thrive - Susan Weser About

About Susan Weser

Susan Weser is a wellness coach, trainer and speaker.

She holds a Bachelor of Science, Graduate Diploma in Computing, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and a Certificate IV in Food Coaching.

Susan’s interest in Wellness started at the age of 18, when she enrolled in Medicine. That all came to a grinding halt 4 weeks into the 2nd year of the degree, when Susan started studying Anatomy. Dissecting the cadavers (corpses) was definitely not for her! She happily dropped out of Medicine and was in her element studying for a Science Degree majoring in Biochemistry and Pharmacology. After that it was onto an IT degree.

Susan spent 14 fabulous years working in I.T. in all phases of system development. She worked with small, medium and large companies in the private sector and public sectors. One of the highlights of Susan’s professional life in the corporate world was working in New York City for two years as an IT Consultant with a major bank. New York is also very special to her, because it’s the place where she met and married her husband-to-be.

Resuming her career in IT in Melbourne was the catalyst for Susan embarking on a journey to find a career about which she was even more passionate. Over the next few years, it involved: becoming a Time Management/Productivity Consultant and Speaker and a Computer trainer.

Susan’s professional and life experiences have made her realise that her passion lies in all things related to health and Wellness. In particular, it’s about inspiring people to take charge of their wellbeing. In today’s 24-7 crazy-busy world, people are surviving, rather than thriving, with lives that are unbalanced, stressed out and sleep-deprived.

Susan is an experienced and dynamic presenter who has trained and delivered workshops to hundreds of people. When Susan talks Wellness, she positively lights up and likewise, her audiences are empowered with the tools and techniques to take positive action in their lives. Her goal is to deliver a Wellness offering to suit your organisation’s unique needs. Whether it’s a customised Wellness Lunch-and-Learn, a Wellness Workshop or a Wellness talk/presentation, your employees and your company management will be delighted with the result.