Are you sleeping smart?

I’m loving the book by sleep guru Shawn Stevenson: Sleep smarter. 21 Essential Strategies to sleep your way to a better body, better health and bigger success”.

Somewhere along the way as a society we’ve kind of lost the plot and become sleep deprived.  We stay up late into the night starting at phones, tablets, laptops and TV’s, utterly mesmerised by them. All this stimulation and blue light hitting our eyes is affecting the quality of our sleep. Sure we could be sleeping for 8 hours, but is this a good quality 8 hours of sleep, resulting in our feeling energised and rested?

Another big tip is to time your caffeine intake (for the caffeine addicts out there!) to the earlier part of the day, prior to about 2pm-ish. Coffee has a half-life of 5 to 8 hours or so. That means if you drink a cup of java at 4pm, by the time 10pm rolls around, there will still be around 50% of it in your system, hyping you up and ultimately affecting how well you sleep!

We need to prioritise our sleep hygiene and stop sleep-walking through life.