Laughter is the Best Medicine!

Let’s face it – the world has gone kind of mad. Wherever you turn, there are headlines screaming at you about all the negative and scary things happening in the world. Watching the 6pm news every night is enough to make you want to cry! Instead of crying, I recommend trying LAUGHTER instead. Laughter is

The importance of YOUR WORDS!

The words that we use are enormously important in influencing our motivation. If you tell yourself that “You must” or “You have to” do something, the actvity feels like a chore or an obligation. Next time you have an item on your to-do-list, tell yourself how lucky you are that you “GET TO” do this

How to stop procrastinating – 3 simple steps to stop procrastinating and GO FOR IT!

Some years ago, I worked in Manhattan, “The City that never sleeps”. Living and working in New York City was one of the most fun and exhilarating times of my life. After a year of living in NYC, I wanted to return home to Australia to visit my mother, whom I missed desperately. Although we

The Magic of Magnesium

Have you ever been woken from your sleep with a jolt with painful leg cramps? Magnesium is absolutely vital for muscle contraction. And these days, around 80% of us have been estimated to be magnesium deficient! When we lack magnesium, we can experience a whole host of problems including muscle cramps, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, poor

Is the time you drink coffee affecting your sleep?

I can’t get over those people who drink a cup of coffee just before bed as a night-cap. And then they tell you that they sleep like a baby! Well, not all of us mere mortals can get away with this habit unscathed. Caffeine has a half-life of 4 to 6 hours. Meaning that if

It’s impossible to think two thoughts at the same time. Try it – it physically can’t be done. Using this principle is a super-effective way to stop yourself from having your thoughts spiral out of control, say when you get in a bad mood and start ruminating, complaining and getting agitated. It’s as easy as

The Power of a simple Checklist!

Just before I went interstate a few weeks ago, I decided to change over my usual handbag for a roomier travel hand-bag. The funny thing was I was so certain that I’d transferred everything from the first bag to the second. But, it was only when I arrived at the airport that I noticed that

Learning CPR can save a life!

Just attended a fabulous 2-hour workshop on how to perform CPR and use a defibrillator. Learning these simple techniques should be mandatory training for everyone! Once interesting statistic that really shocked me was that here in Melbourne, less than 10% of people survive a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital. However, in the city of

The power of Focus!

The most successful and productive people have a laser-like focus. Our world is brimming with distractions, tempting us to take our “eye off the ball” and in the process, diluting our effectiveness.   Check out this article with 13 great tips to be more focused:   Even if you just incorporate one or two

How to be more productive with the Pomodoro Technique

The “Pomodoro Technique” is a fabulous way to work in tiny, bite-sized chunks, increasing your focus on the task-at-hand. You only need to work for a continuous 25 minute period, and you then get rewarded with a 5 minute break to recharge and re-energise in preparation for the next focused 25 minute period. It’s another

Better than yesterday!

We live in an age of instant gratification and want everything NOW. We expect this same immediacy from our New Years’ Resolutions. And when we don’t magically get fit, lose weight or become organised and free of clutter within a few short days, we become disillusioned and feel like failures. Our resolutions sadly get tossed

Happiness At Work – The Power of Recognition

I feel so lucky that my parents did not put pressure on me. Growing up, whatever I did, whether it was sport, school-work or singing, they would simply tell me: “Just do your best!” When I did well at school, I loved it that my parents celebrated my achievements with me. I would bask in

I love the quote by Lao Tzu- A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed when we embark upon a big project or a big goal. The key is to take it one step at a time and to try to enjoy the process. Identifying the

Are you sleeping smart?

I’m loving the book by sleep guru Shawn Stevenson: Sleep smarter. 21 Essential Strategies to sleep your way to a better body, better health and bigger success”. Somewhere along the way as a society we’ve kind of lost the plot and become sleep deprived.  We stay up late into the night starting at phones, tablets,

How to deal with the electronic wild west…

When I was a kid growing up in the 1970’s, there were a huge variety of US sitcoms. And I loved them all. I would come home from school and immediately turn on the television. I would sit there utterly mesmerised and transfixed, watching show after show after show…. One day my father sternly proclaimed:

The power of habits

We wouldn’t dream of starting or ending our day without brushing our teeth. It’s an automatic habit that’s been firmly ingrained into us from our parents pleading with us and cajoling us to brush our teeth – or else! When we visit the dentist for a check-up, we reap the benefits from this twice-daily habit

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the start of another year! What is it about the beginning of a new year that makes us want to start afresh? To draw a line in the sand and radically transform our lives? Pick one or more of the following! This year I will: Lose weight Eat healthily Get fit Get organised