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All our Lunch and Learns are interactive, inspirational and informative!

They are designed to motivate your employees to become empowered to take charge of their health and wellbeing.

This is a win-win proposition. Your employees will feel happier and healthier, and the company will benefit through having more switched-on, focused and ultimately more productive employees.

Lunch and Learns are conveniently held during the lunch hour at your Office. You provide the sandwiches and drinks, we’ll provide the food for thought and inspiration!

We can deliver a one-off Lunch and Learn. Alternatively, we can deliver regular weekly, monthly or Quarterly sessions on specific Wellness topics of your choice. The choice is yours!

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Empower Your Employees to Thrive with our Lunch and Learns!

Lunch & Learns:

Balance Your Life Lunch & Learns

Achieving life balance is a huge challenge these days. We’re frantically juggling work, financial and family responsibilities and commitments. Yet how well are we looking after ourselves, and thriving, rather than simply surviving?

In this workshop, participants will:

  • learn what it means to live a balanced and happy life
  • conduct their own personal lifestyle audit to understand how “balanced” their lives are
  • identify any areas of their life that are out-of-balance, and start work on creating an action plan to fill the void.

This is an inspiring, thought-provoking session to motivate people to become empowered to make the necessary changes in their life to fully embrace Wellness. And most importantly to be happy.

Stress Management Lunch & Learns

According to a 2015 Study into Stress and Wellbeing by The Australian Psychological Society, 35% of Australians (that’s just over 1 in 3!) report having a significant level of distress in their lives.

Chronic stress is extremely damaging to our health and wellbeing. This kind of stress is linked to a whole raft of symptoms and diseases including anxiety, depression, burnout, headaches, heart disease, high blood pressure and even cancer, via suppressing the immune system.

In this Lunch and Learn, participants will learn:

  • what chronic (long-term) stress is, and how damaging it is, compared to acute (short-term) stress
  • some practical and powerful calming techniques they can immediately put into practice, to manage stress and become more resilient to life’s stresses and strains.

Sleep Workshop Lunch & Learns

Getting sufficient good quality sleep is a hugely important to our health and wellbeing. Not to mention our productivity. Sleep deprivation has been implicated in poor memory and concentration, heightened stress levels, weight gain and pre-diabetes, weakened immunity, accelerated aging and increased risk of dying from many other conditions.

In this Lunch and Learn, participants will discuss their obstacles to getting a good night’s sleep. We will explore all the myriad tips and techniques at our disposal to sleep like a baby. And to feel rested, recharged and raring to go.

On the Wagon - Getting Started on the Road to Wellness & Staying on it! Lunch and Learns

In this Lunch and Learn, participants will discuss their obstacles to health and wellbeing, whether it’s a matter of getting motivated, or a matter of finding the time (to exercise, to prepare healthy, home-cooked meals, or to relax and practise self-care).

We will look at how to set wellness goals and the importance of setting and maintaining good habits, which are the keys to success.

Everyone will walk away with their own Wellness action plan and get motivated to both get on track and stay on track!

Build Your Own Lunch & Learns!

You tell us what you require, and we will customise an amazing Lunch and Learn just for your organisation! It could be a mix and match from other Workshops, or your own Workshop designed just for you!