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Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going ~ Jim Rohn

All the Empowered2Thrive Wellness training sessions are interactive, inspirational and informative!

Fostering great habits is the secret of success in any field of endeavour, including Wellness. Just like you wouldn’t build a house without a plan, you need to build a Wellness foundation before embarking upon a Wellness program. Sustainable wellness habits are at the very core of this great foundation!

Sessions are designed to motivate your employees to become empowered to take charge of their health and wellbeing.

This is a win-win proposition. Your employees will feel happier, healthier and more energised, and the company will benefit through having more switched-on, focused and ultimately more productive employees.

Trainings can be in the form of full or half-day Training Workshops or Lunch and Learns.

We can deliver a one-off Training Workshop. Alternatively, we can deliver regular weekly, monthly or Quarterly sessions on specific Wellness topics of your choice. The choice is yours!

Wellness Training Workshops:

Balance Your Life!

Achieving life balance is a huge challenge these days. We’re frantically juggling work, financial and family responsibilities and commitments. Yet how well are we looking after ourselves, and thriving, rather than simply surviving? For example – Do we have hobbies and interests that put us into a state of “flow” and a state of mindfulness? How about great quality friendships and relationships that support us and nurture us?

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn what it means to live a balanced and happy life across all life areas i.e. the physical, emotional, spiritual, social, occupational, recreational and financial spheres.
  • Conduct their own personal lifestyle audit to evaluate how balanced their lives are.
  • Identify any areas of their life that are out-of-balance, and start work on creating an action plan to fill the void.
  • Arrange to follow up at regular intervals with their accountability partner to stay motivated and on track.

The 4 Pillars of Health

The four pillars of vibrant health are:

  • Nutrition
  • Physical fitness
  • Sleep and
  • Stress control.

In our busy, frenetic world, it is a challenge for so many of us to eat real, whole foods, to find the time to exercise and incorporate movement into each day, to sleep a solid 7-8 hours per night and to manage our stress levels.

This workshop is loaded with doable and simple lifestyle tips that we can seamlessly incorporate into our daily lives.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn more about each Wellness Pillar and its importance to overall wellbeing
  • Conduct their own personal lifestyle audit to understand how they are faring in each Pillar
  • Develop a plan to create at least one new habit within each Pillar

Arrange to follow up at regular intervals with their accountability partner to stay motivated and on track.

Sleep-Smart Habits - How to Wake Up Feeling Refreshed, Recharged and Raring-to-Go!

We all know that sleep deprivation is a form of torture! A 2017 Deloitte Access Economics health survey found that inadequate sleep cost the Australian economy $66 billion in the 2016/17 year. It found that a whopping 39.8 per cent of Australians don’t get enough sleep. These poor sleep patterns lead to fatigue and irritability – putting them at risk of low productivity, damage to their mental health and unsafe behaviours.

Sleep is also a vital component of our mental well-being. When we are well-rested, we tend to feel happier and more optimistic. Adequate sleep also helps stabilise our mood and can reduce feelings of frustration, anxiety and depression.

In this Workshop, participants will learn how to:

  • Stop tossing and turning, learning some easy strategies to fall asleep faster, including when they wake up in the middle of the night.
  • Implement a pre-sleep routine that sets them up for a great night of slumber.
  • Create some simple lifestyle habits that are essential for sound and deep sleep.

On the Wagon - Getting Started on the Road to Wellness and Staying on It!

Starting on the wellness journey can feel overwhelming and intimidating, but it is actually straight-forward and empowering when we are armed with some great wellness habits.

And if we do fall off that wagon, being motivated and having a great foundation of wellness habits are the keys to getting right back on the wagon and resuming the journey!

In this Workshop, participants will:

  • Discuss their obstacles to health and wellbeing, for example, whether it’s a matter of getting motivated, or a matter of finding the time.
  • Learn how to create doable and motivational goals
  • Create one or more Wellness goals
  • Learn the science behind creating sustainable habits
  • Create a personalised list of habits to support each of their new Wellness goals
  • Arrange to follow up at regular intervals with their accountability partner to stay motivated and on track.

In short, everyone will walk away with their own Wellness action plan to motivate them to both get on track and stay on track!

Speak Out! How to be RELAXED and CONFIDENT as a Speaker & Presenter!

Are your employees ever nervous when they present their products/services/ideas to others?

Would you like them to more confident and energised when they are in the spotlight and the stakes are high?

We all need smart strategies at our disposal to both sell ourselves and to present our ideas confidently to our customers, clients and colleagues.

Whether your employees need to hold a meeting, give a presentation, speak at a Conference or simply speak to two or more of their colleagues at once without feeling anxious, this is the workshop for them!

In this fun and interactive session, participants will learn how to:

  • IMPLEMENT a super-simple strategy to calm their nerves when they feel under pressure
  • CHANGE their mindset from nervous and tentative to confident and empowered – in moments!
  • HARNESS the power of their physiology to project a powerful and authoritative presence at important presentations.

Stop Procrastinating - Easy Tips to Reclaim Your Productivity and Your Sanity!

Procrastination wastes our time, drains our energy and can take a serious toll on our productivity.

Evidence suggests that procrastination may also seriously damage our health. Chronic procrastination eats away at us, filling us with a sense of dread. It may make us more vulnerable to a number of stress-related health conditions, like cardiovascular disease, hypertension, headaches, digestive issues, colds and flus, and insomnia.

The best solution to procrastination is to deal with it head-on by implementing some smart new strategies- so we are less stressed, more productive and UNSTOPPABLE!

In this Workshop, participants will learn how to:

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed by large tasks, projects and goals
  • Implement simple strategies to power through all their tasks
  • Free themselves from all the countless distractions that keep us stuck in the procrastination zone.

How to be UNSTOPPABLE - Tips and Tricks to Make this Year Your Best Year Yet!

This Workshop is designed to run at the start of the New Year to inspire your employees to launch into the year with energy and enthusiasm.

As the year draws to a close, it’s a good time for everyone to start thinking about how they would like the approaching year to be for them.

Participants will consider:

  • What they would like to achieve?
  • What new thing would they like to create?
  • What would they like to do differently or better?

This is an exciting process that involves so much more than “goal setting” and New Year resolutions (which don’t work for most of us anyway!).

Being Unstoppable is about …

  • Getting Clear about what we want to achieve and why
  • Getting a head start on important personal and professional projects
  • Catapulting ourselves into the new year with Momentum and Motivation

This workshop will discuss 5 keys to GETTING RESULTS and BEING UNSTOPPABLE in our endeavours.

In this Workshop, participants will discover how to …

  1. Develop a simple wellness habit to stay calm and grounded under pressure
  2. Tap into the power of physiology to project a powerful presence at important presentations and meetings
  3. Effectively overcome the barriers that commonly hold them back from taking action (e.g. perfectionism, procrastination, overthinking)
  4. Get motivated and energised so they can show up as their most empowered self
  5. Reprogram their fears and feelings about rejection and how to respond when someone says no to their proposals, offers or ideas.
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