The Power of a simple Checklist!

Just before I went interstate a few weeks ago, I decided to change over my usual handbag for a roomier travel hand-bag. The funny thing was I was so certain that I’d transferred everything from the first bag to the second. But, it was only when I arrived at the airport that I noticed that I had forgotten my wallet in the changeover. At that moment, I immediately understood how awful people must feel when they realise ½ way into their drive to the airport that they’ve forgotten to bring their passport.

On the bright side, I was extremely lucky that I was travelling with my husband and did not have to return home in heavy traffic to retrieve my wallet. In which case, I would have missed the original flight and had to organise and pay for a 2nd flight, and to top it off, lose a day of holiday time!

Checklists are ubiquitous in the workplace. But we should also consider using them in our non-work lives. For any activity that is recurring, it’s a worthwhile exercise to spend a few minutes preparing a simple checklist to ensure that nothing falls between the cracks.

Take travel for instance.

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, type up a template packing list. For every trip, it’s then a simple matter of printing out a copy of your list and using that from which to pack. I have also found it really helpful to have a toiletry bag that is packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Checklists are very simple, taking only minutes to create.

But failure to create them and use them can both waste your valuable time, money and energy, and send your blood pressure sky-rocketing.

Now that you’ve finished reading this article, don’t just file it away as one more interesting tip. Instead, take action NOW and spend a few minutes writing a checklist for your next trip, time that you will recoup many times over in the future!